SAABLIN is Open Source audio player simulating CD changer, connected to SAAB I-BUS (CAN bus). It's based on Intel Atom D510, device and Linux kernel socket-can. First saablin version was set of shell scripts. New saablin version is written in Perl.

Project closed, no time ...

Latest perl script version will be published ...

Latest version still runing for me and works ok.

saablin PI, testing

I did some in car test with RaPi, and I have troubles with connection to i-bus.
When I test it 5-times, just one time I did successful connection to ibus.
There is also some troubles with RaPi and canusb, but in latest kernel should be fixed, but seem for me not working, because I have latest kernel There is possibility to switch usb to 1.0 speed, and it should work, but I must test it.

Other issue is speed, when I got connection to i-bus, but my saablin script is slow, data going to SID slowly compared with old solution, sound is also very bad. So extra usb sound card will be needed.

I don't have too much time for testing, but still old solution with mini-itx is more times better.

saablin PI

So what I did till now:

installed armedslack 14, compile new kernel with canusb modules and seems working fine.
Also can utils, was compiled fine, seems running fine, I plan to do some in-car test this week.
I also added low cost wifi usb dongle, so PI with will be as access point.
Then will be easy to use any MPD client app like MPDroid for android to manage playlists on saablin.

What is still open:

=> first I realized that audio from jack no so fgood ( a lot of info can be find on RaPi forum)
=> so only possibility is to use quality external usb
=> best recomendation is pcm2704, cost is not so bad and sound should be really better.
=> other issue is power, on old ITX solution I used inteligent automotiv

After half year of waiting I got Raspberrypi

So I am starting to build kernel modules for socket can and all other tools.
If everything goes well I should have some image till 1-2 weeks.


Raspberrypi and Saablin

Hi All,

I am waiting for Raspberrypi, and then I will start to port saablin.
If everything goes well I plan to provide SD card image with armed slack and saablin.
So for all saab owners it should be now really eazy to implement saablin :-)


Saablin image ...

After more requests to create saablin image, for user who are not familiar with linux I decided to do it.
I created image of system partition /dev/sda1, with partimage software.

saablin 0.9.5

So here it is.
Update recommended to all users ...

Enjoy :-)

Saablin 0.9.5 ongoing

I am working this days on small updates, changes and bug-fixing on saablin.


I have on saablin harddrive cca 18tis songs, and very often I am using randomize from all songs. After idea of my girlfriend, I added new feature .... if during random playback some song is interesting, with long push on set_sid button all songs from current song album are set as playlist.

Updates and bug fixing:

=> added auto-start remuco-mpd to saablin code (I am using it for some months but newer published)
=> fixed mode text on row2
=> small changes to buttons handling
=> if saablin text is disabled on sid, just next, prev, clear, cd buttons is activated (all other buttons and functions are inactive)
=> in randomize mode load just 50 files and switch back to play mode automatically
=> if saablin is not running, saablin buttons are not active
=> and some small fixes
=> disabled ssablin logo to speed up startup (same info visible during play with next_sid and prev_sid)
=> next (+) button on sid show album, artist count
=> prev (-) button show saablin version


Saablin on SAABISM blogspot

Hi All,

nice new article from my new friend.
He visited me this Friday :-)


Auto mount USB flash drive and play on saablin

I did next small saablin update to saablin.
I created simple udev rule which auto mount usb flash drive, then update mpd db, clear current playlist and add all files to current playlist. On usb remove, update mpd db and clear current playlist.

Change path in attached rules file to mpd home dir and to mpc and copy file to /etc/udev/rules.d/ and reload udev.
Plug usb drive with some music files and you should see files from usb on SID in saablin play mode.

Enjoy ...

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